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How to Order

How to Order
1. Choose your product.

You can select the product you want to order by clicking the button. "Add to Cart" or if you want to select items to store and pay later. Click the button. "Add Favorites", where you need to log in first. In order for the system to record the product. "Products of Interest"
2. Check or edit the item.

You can check or edit the item you want to order on the page. "My Basket" After that click on the button. "Order" to perform ordering
3. Choose Purchase Order.

You can choose the following
You can choose the following: Make a list without a member: Fill out the billing information. And your shipping information. Not a member of ABSOTEC CO., LTD.
New customer: for first order. Just fill in the payment information. And your shipping information. Become a member of ABSOTEC CO., LTD. For easy ordering next time. You can also make purchases by logging in with your Facebook account. We will receive the best newsletters and promotions we offer.
Older customers: For customers who are members of ABSOTEC CO., LTD. Just log in Enter your email and password. And make an order without any additional information.
4. Choose shipping method.

ABSOTEC CO., LTD. Has two delivery options: Express and Standard Delivery. The distance is calculated. And weight of goods Of your order confirmation (You can read more on the page. "Delivery method")
5. Choose payment method.

You can choose from a variety of payment methods, such as destination funds. Credit / Debit Card Through Counter Service Or online, with 2C2P as a security administrator. (You can read more on the page. "Payment Channels") If you have a discount coupon code You can apply discount codes in the box. "Enter a discount code if available" and click "Apply Discount" and when you are ready to make a payment and order. Click the "Buy" button.
6. Confirm your order by email.

Once you have completed your purchase order You will receive an email to confirm your order. Payment Method Billing destination Cash on Pick up Point Please click on the "Confirm Order" link in the attached email link within 24 hours if you do not take action. in time Your order Will be automatically canceled.

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