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How to payment

Method of Payment
You can pay for 2 channels
1. Payment by credit card through PayPal (can pay immediately from the PayPal section).
2. Transfer money to bank account. (See payment method below)

Pay with PayPal credit card
Transfer to bank account
1. See the bank account number you want to transfer.
Account Name Bank Branch Account number Category
ABSOTEC CO., LTD. ธนาคารไทยพาณิชย์ สาขาถนนนิมิตรใหม่ 3692053700 สะสมทรัพย์
2. Bank transfer to the account number of your choice. You can transfer money to your bank via ATM, bank transfer, or internet banking. Of each bank (How different banks may be different)
3. Payment notification
You can pay 2 ways.
1. Pay through the web page. Payment page (Introduce this way. Because the system will be able to make transactions immediately)
2. Notify us via any channels (phone or email). Contact Us

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